Zillow Syndicates Content to Newspaper Consortium

Last week I wrote about how Gannett’s move to increase it’s stake in CareerBuilder seemed to be a logical move with regard to their interest in a consortium of newspapers and a shared ad network. The content syndication topic is gaining steam as these companies are moving beyond job listings to the bread-and-butter category of real estate content.

This is a huge deal that will be as transformative to the newspaper industry as going digital was a decade ago. The Zillow piece is just one element, the transformative part is how newspapers are fundamentally rethinking their online business strategy having recognized that doing online what you do offline simply doesn’t work.

Lastly, this is a direct assault on Yahoo Newspaper Consortium by 11 very big media companies.

Under the Zillow Advertising Network agreement, the consortium’s advertisers can tap into Zillow’s user base of more than 5 million unique monthly visitors, while Zillow’s advertisers will have access to readers of the newspapers’ online real-estate content.

[From Zillow, newspaper consortium launch ad network | News – Digital Media – CNET News]