Widgets Gone Wild: Reuters

Reuters just launched a series of content widgets in India, U.S., and UK markets. This is a big win for NewsGator as Reuters is not only one of the best known and most respected news services in the world, but it’s also a global deployment with each region serving up local content (check out the Bollywood widget available on the India site).

Reuters recognizes that media consumption habits have shifted, that aggregators and portals can no longer be the singular strategy that media sites rely on for distribution. These widgets are smartly built and serve to extend Reuters’ brand in a way that their reuters.com site alone cannot.

Candidate Tracker Widgets

Here are a couple of new widgets that Cox Newspapers has made available. Nothing fancy, just meat-and-potatoes text widgets that are all business and no pokes.

UPDATE: I didn’t like the way these widgets were formatting, so I pulled them.