Wal-Mart Gets Tough On RFID

This piece in InformationWeek makes it sound like Wal-Mart sprung this on their suppliers. This technology initiative has been underway for several years past the pilot phase and every WM supplier knew this was coming. The thing that is surprising, if anything at all, is that WM kept cutting the suppliers a break with regard to the date, and even with that concession the top suppliers (if memory serves me correctly, it was around 138 originally, now all 15k) still dragged their collective feet. Any one of these suppliers that suggests the pallet fee came out of the blue is not being fully honest.

Check out a company I invested in that is at the center RFID in consumer packaged goods, originally named T3Ci, now Retail Solutions.

The retailer says that beginning Jan. 30, it will charge suppliers a $2 fee for each pallet they ship to its Sam’s Club distribution center in Texas that doesn’t have an RFID tag.

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