Sidewiki, Everything Old is New Again

Google announced Sidewiki, an addon to Google Toolbar that allows any user to add notes to a webpage.

Google Sidewiki is a new feature being added today to the Google Toolbar that allows anyone to leave comments about pages as they surf the web. Love something you’re reading? Hate it? You can share your views with others who visit the page and who also have Sidewiki enabled. Share, that is, if Google thinks your comment is good enough.

[From Google Sidewiki Allows Anyone To Comment About Any Site]

Hmmm… remember when Third Voice tried this in 1999 and was roundly ripped for being the equivalent of website graffiti? What Third Voice was doing was, as far as I can tell, pretty much spot on for what Google announced today… yet not a word of that long gone company in any of the coverage this morning. Maybe Carol Bartz has a point

“I just want to transplant all you guys out of this sort of cynicism you’re in. I mean, why are you cynical about us [me: Yahoo]? Be cynical about frickin’ Google. Leave us alone.