The Action Heats Up in Blog Comments

I met up for coffee with Jitendra Gupta and Tedd Corman just a week ago and we talked at length about where they are as a company and the spectrum that includes comment tracking systems (e.g. CoComment) on one end and comment replacement services (e.g. Intense Debate) on the other.

The net takeaway is that blog comments are a proverbial canary in the coal mine for a broader topic of online reputation and it would be a mistake to assume that the reputation topic as applied to blogs is in fact limited to blogs. SezWho has a pretty interesting opportunity in front of them and could end up being the most portable and embeddable of all these companies.

I wrote about SezWho last year. I removed the plugin in order to run Intense Debate, but that in no way is a reflection on the team at SezWho but rather simple curiosity on my part to try out all these solutions in order to learn more about the space.

SezWho (, a universal profile service for the social web that engages communities and enables content discovery, today announced its acquisition of Tejit, a provider of semantic intelligence solutions. The integration of Tejit’s proprietary semantic intelligence-based discovery engine will bring richer, context-based profile and reputation management capabilities to the SezWho service. To be useful across different types of social media, profiles and reputation have to be localized and linked to the context of the conversation. In this way, thought leaders emerge within and across communities based on their specific expertise and contributions.

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