Rosedale to step down as Linden Lab CEO

“The company has the type of financial performance that if it wanted to it could become a public company,” said Benchmark’s Bill Gurley, who sits on the Linden Lab board. “I certainly think at some point in the future — and I’m certainly not announcing anything new here for the next 12 months — that’s on the company’s ambition plan.”

[From Reuters/Second Life » EXCLUSIVE – Rosedale to step down as Linden Lab CEO]

What? 2007 was a difficult year for SL and 2008 is shaping up to be no better. Registration growth has slowed considerably and concurrent users to new users have likewise tapered off. Only the insiders know the financial performance and that may be indicative of why Gurley very specifically pointed to “financial performance” instead of just “performance.”

SL has always billed itself as a “virtual real estate company” yet recent history is replete with one stumble after another as they revealed themselves to be a bunch of brilliant engineers who know little about real estate, finance, and tax law.

On a positive note, SL will be soon enabling embedding of HTML objects within SL objects. I am interested in this for a couple of reasons, but primarily because this will enable us to make our widgets renderable within SL.

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