Services I Like

Lately I have been trying a wide spectrum of personal productivity tools, mostly out of curiosity for what is out there but also because I need some efficiencies.


I have a lot of bookmarks but I’m not very organized about them, and in addition that problem I regularly let my browser overflow with tabs that “I’ll get to later”. Instapaper doesn’t work for me and is a question mark given the change in ownership; after asking around I settled on Diigo and so far it’s proved to be quite useful. The Chrome extension is really useful and I just set up a rule to draft a blog post once a week with all my bookmarks tagged with a keyword.

Lookout Mobile Security:

This is a really neat mobile app for Android that scans applications for malware and provides additional features like phone location, backup, lockout, data wipe, and more. This was an easy $30 (the premium version has some nice extras) to fork over given how effortless the app is.

I’m not sure I like this fully like this app yet but the integrated messaging client that runs as a Chrome app is pretty nice. Time will tell if it is better than Adium but I have been using Skype more so that may end up being a ┬ádefining feature.

Skype and Google Voice:

Okay this is two apps and neither are exactly new but I recently bought a Skype number and about the same time I switched by Google Voice number to my Sprint wireless number. The latter is very slick because it fully integrates Google Voice with Sprint, and on my Evo the combination is pretty much everything you could want.

I couldn’t figure out why my Skype app was ringing with my cell phone and then realized I had added my Skype number to GVoice and my cell phone was ringing both at the same time… which turned out to be really useful when sitting at my computer. It gets a little wonky when you have the Android Skype app running and your cellphone rings through your Skype number but I don’t find myself using the mobile Skype service that much.

I have had Google Voice since the Grand Central days and have always struggled with the extra phone number aspect… but now that my Sprint number has ported over I feel that I can finally integrate GVoice into my daily routine in a very useful manner.


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