Customer Experience: The Little Things Edition

I took my children to In-N-Out Burger for lunch today and before we left I wanted to wash my hands. Lunch was enjoyable, the staff was pleasant, and the overall experience was up to their usual standard but the one thing I really noticed was how much paper the automated dispenser gave me when I finished washing my hands.

We have all had the experience in a public restroom where you do the hand wavy thing in front of the red dot and about 3 inches of paper spits out. so you do it again, and again, and yet again before you get enough to complete the drying part of the operation. It is obvious why businesses do this, they 1) never bother to adjust the machine when it is installed, 2) think they are going to save money on paper towels under the belief that we are too stupid to get the machine to give us more paper, and/or 3) just don’t care.

In-N-Out pays attention to the small details because they give you enough to dry off and it is representative of their entire operation, the small things add up and impact your overall experience. It may just be a burger and fries but they have set a standard for fast food that others covet so the next time you think something is too small to care about I would urge you to think about washing your hands.