A Response to Fred Wilson’s Talk at Widget Web Expo

Josh was asking me about the Fred Wilson keynote at WidgetWebExpo and I asked him to send me a list of questions that I would respond to and he could post. Here ya go.

Last week, Jeff Nolan — VP of NewsGator’s SaaS divison — attended the WidgetWebExpo in NYC. There, Fred Wilson gave a talk based on a blog post he published that morning called “Why Widgets is The Wrong Word for What We’re Doing.” That blog post and the discussion that took place at the conference provided a fair bit of fodder for discussion on the blogosphere as well as in the tech/widget space. I decided to ask Jeff if he’d like to provide another perspective in response to Fred’s comments. Enjoy!

[From Q & A with NewsGator Widget’s Jeff Nolan (Part. 1) A Response to Fred Wilson’s Talk at Widget Web Expo: NewsGator Widget Blog]

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