Widget Metrics

We’re starting to publish some of the stats that our clients are pointing to as a measure of success for their widget strategies. To recap, we sell primarily to media companies so impressions and interaction rates matter to them. Interaction rates include not only the clickthroughs but also the take down rates, as in the frequency that another site picks up a widget and puts it on their site or an individual takes the widget and places it on their facebook profile page or start page.

We are committed to being as transparent as possible about what benchmarks are being established for viral media syndication. Having said that, this data doesn’t necessarily belong to us, it’s our client data so only when we have their permission to highlight it will we.

The quote I highlighted below when taken in isolation doesn’t necessarily mean much however we’ll be doing more to expose client experiences and best practices, so add our widget blog feed to your reader.

“I like the way NewsGator just keeps on giving, with 66% better [engagement] metrics since our relationship began. Oh, I mean, like, 166%, since there were none when our relationship began. See?”

[From How NewsGator has Helped Discovery News]