Defrag Nov 11/12

Defrag, one of my favorite events, is just around the corner, November 11-12 in Denver. Use discount code “EJN1” to get 10% off the registration fee.

I recommend this event without reservation because this is not only a timely event in terms of topic but it also brings together a powerful collection of can-do people who take advantage of the opportunity to actually talk and interact rather than just pontificate. You could go to Defrag and not attend a single presentation yet come away feeling richer for the experience.

It’s a tough budget year for travel and events, but this is one you don’t want to miss.

Days Away!

It’s hard to believe how quickly the year of preparations has gone by! We are just a day away from a moment that will define the state of our industry for the coming years, and likely go down in the history books as a seminal event. The countless man hours of preparations, communication, talking points, interviews, and agenda setting are coming to a head.

Yes it is upon us, Defrag opens tomorrow!


Defrag is just around the corner and is you use the discount code “EJN2” you will get $300 off the registration. I attended this event last year, moderated one panel and participated in a second, so I can attest to the quality of the event.

This year I am moderating a panel on “fixing information flows” that looks at how email, calendars, IM, RSS, twitter, et. al. are not just overloading the average worker but fundamentally changing the way we work with other people.

NewsGator is a sponsor for Defrag and we will be hosting some events around the conference so please consider attending.

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Defrag 2008 Discounted Registration

There are a couple of events each year that I really look forward to, Defrag is one of them. I’m moderating a really cool panel on “fixing information channels” this year that will look at how the explosion of communication channels is causing profound change in the way we communicate as groups and peer-to-peer. Also, as systems like calendars become more interactive and integrated into other systems we will have to change the way we look at them from being utilities to networks.

You can use the discount code “JN1” to get $100 off the registration fee, but act quickly because early registration expires this Friday.