About Venture Chronicles

My name is Jeff Nolan and I write Venture Chronicles. I have been blogging since 2001 and over the years have established myself as an authority on social media technology, peer-to-peer online interaction, customer and influence community engagement, and a host of supporting technologies.

Along the way to becoming a bona fide blogger I started to understand the implications of user generated content. At the time I was a venture capitalist with SAP Ventures, the enterprise software company, and in my travels in the enterprise software market it became evident that blogging would be a powerful communication channel for enterprises to use, what we now call social media, and a powerful information collection mechanism for bottom up corporate intelligence. Combined with search technology, social networking software, and wikis, I was witnessing the inception of an entirely new generation of knowledge management software.

I currently lead on demand goto market for Ping Identity, a pioneer in the development of identity technologies for single sign-on. A core requirement for success in this role is to utilize social media and direct-to-customer channels for acquisition and retention, relying on self-service, customer experience and empowerment to grow the busine

I can be reached at jnolan-at-gmail-dot-com.