Turning off Comments

I have turned off comments for the time being… 2 reasons:

1) Spam: I am getting inundated with spam comments masquerading as legitimate comments. The better ones are hard to detect at first glance, only when I see the link in either the commenter ID or in the comment itself is it then evident that someone is looking for a free ride on my SEO juice.

2) Alternative Channels: I actually don’t get that many comments, most people that I interact with are doing so via Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. For this reason above all else I am not concerned about shutting down comments, the discussion will not be impacted.

I should also highlight that the way I am doing this is by pushing every comment into moderation by default, which means the comment functionality will still display but comments will not immediately post. The way I figure it, if spammers are going to waste my time I might as well turn the tables and waste their time by allowing them to believe they are posting comments but then not having the fruits of their labor display… eventually they will move on.


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