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Read this interesting post on the demise of Facebook commerce initiatives.

This data suggests that brand marketers should focus on optimizing their ecommerce sites for purchases on desktop/notebooks and tablets, and their mobile sites for researching future purchases. It also suggests that mobile shopping apps are a distraction for both merchants and consumers and will fail for many of the same reasons why Facebook stores have failed.

I don’t dispute the conclusions that they are making but I do think it is important to split the argument into 2 camps:

1) Companies using Facebook to drive funnel traffic to their e-commerce sites.

2) Companies using Facebook as the storefront through which the transaction is executed.

No one disputes that using Facebook to amp up commerce activity with promotions, customer advocacy behaviors, and better targeting is effective. What the debate is about is using Facebook as the actual e-commerce platform and on this point I think the critics are making a good argument.


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