Gadgets – Cuisinart Soup Maker and Blender

Despite having a well documented affection for the kitchen, and being a geek at heart, I do not have much of a gadget streak when it comes to kitchen appliances. In fact, it’s safe to say that I am a skeptic when it comes to kitchen appliances and have a pretty high bar to overcome in order for something to show up in my kitchen.

I have had the same blender for about 15 years and decided it was time to retire it while upgrading my capabilities. I wanted something with more capacity primarily and when I took my wife shopping yesterday I made a trip into Bloomingdale’s appliance section, finding a pretty nifty blender and soup maker… basically it is a blender with a heating element built into it. Very clever.

First question I had was about clean up because a lot of appliances are great to use but a pain in the ass to clean up and stow. I think juicers pretty much all fall into this category… with food processors and blenders not far behind. The heating element on the Cuisinart is a sealed unit that is embedded in the jar, it achieves a connection with 3 sealed pins that mate with a receptacle in the motor base.

Today I used it to make some roasted red pepper soup and the results were nothing short of great. I heated olive oil in the mixer jar, adding diced garlic and shallots to achieve a saute in about 6 minutes. The heating element is very powerful and it preheated the oil in less than a minute. Next I added roasted red pepper and thyme, cooking it in the blender jar for 15 minutes, then simmering for another 3o. When finished I blended it for 3 minutes and what came out was a perfectly pureed red pepper soup steaming hot.

Combining a blender with a heating element is highly logical, I’m surprised that it hasn’t been done (in the mass market) before. I give high marks to the appliance and look forward to using it again… I have some acorn squash that I think will work nicely in a soup with sweet potato and curry.

PS- The glass of wine in the background is a 2008 Karcher Gewürztraminer that paired perfectly with this soup.

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