Bizarre World

I was stopped at a traffic light tonight and saw police lights a few intersections down the road, tending to an accident. I commented to my wife that this was the third fender bender I had seen just today.

As soon as the words left my mouth a Prius rear ended a new Rolls Royce in the intersection immediately in front of us. That alone was amusing enough, little did I know we would soon be witness to an edition of Bizarre World unfolding in technicolor glory.

The Rolls Royce started to pull away and while the car was moving the passenger door opened and a shirtless man with a mullet rolled out gesturing wildly at the Prius. The Prius stooped and a rather bewildered driver stepped out… Keep in mind that this is on a busy 3 lane road filled with traffic moving at 40 mph… and the guy in the Rolls left his door wide open.

After moments of wild gesturing that I was certain would lead to a fist fight, the tone shifted to semi backslapping and the Prius guy gets in his car and drives away leaving shirtless mullet Rolls guy in the middle of the road with a damaged rear bumper.

I can only imagine Rolls guy preferred to not have any legal entanglements… only in Florida, maybe Los Angeles.