BabbaBox Fun for Children

The nice folks at BabbaCo sent my children a BabbaBox, which is a giftbox stocked full of projects, reading, and activities built around a theme.

Targeted to 3-6 year old boys and girls, the BabbaBox is well put together and features imaginative projects and storytelling activities designed to stimulate and engage young children on a values based theme. This month the theme is gratitude and the activities include drawing and painting activities as well as a really neat camera that kids can use to take pictures of the things they are grateful for, assembling the images in a “gratitude journal” that they can share.

All of the included items are very high quality and reflect thoughtfulness in their selection. The box itself is fun and my youngest son, in the target age group, was very excited to open it.

Available as monthly subscription, several options, and as a gift option the BabbaBox is clever and imaginative. There is also a tie-in to games and apps that you can download.