Evernote Specialized Apps

Evernote is launching an app called Food that people can use to capture the meals and recipes they love. This is smart, wicked smart.

The app isn’t just a better recipe app, which would require a backend service like AllRecipes, Food is a way to capture the experience of food in multiple dimensions, including what you actually ate, the wine you enjoyed, who you shared it all with and in the case of a restaurant, where you were. This is fundamentally and disruptively different than a better recipe application, but oh yeah, it also allows you to capture and build recipes… which is what a lot of people, like me, use Evernote for already.

We are seeing Evernote enter a new phase where they build on the extraordinary success of their platform and synchronization capability to deliver functionally specific applications that increase the time we spend in the Evernote world and entrench the company as a key player in the mobile to fixed computing ecosystem.

Available on iOS, I am anxiously awaiting their release of an Android version.