Online Video and News Cycle Latency

“Similarly, our hapless mountain biker really reveals the ability of online video to hit the new scycle like an enraged antelope. Instead of clipping an article out of The New York Times or sending around a link to the big story, executive producers and assignment editors can now click on a video and say, “Here, go do that.””
The Beast that Ate the News Cycle


The problem is that when I see local and national news broadcasts featuring an online video I find myself, with few exceptions, saying “yeah I saw that 3 days ago”.

What is killing television news is the fact that we have incredible access to events in near realtime so just rehashing something that has become popular online pretty much misses the plot… the salvation for the news business is not going to be found in curating social content. I already have people in the form of apps to do that for me…

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