Artists I Like: Mark Levin

I have not written an Artists I Like post in quite a while so I decided the time was right to pen one on someone who exhibits great technical skill with the eye of an artist.

Mark Levin has a pretty wide range in his portfolio but the pieces that I gravitate to are in his Leaf Series. These tables and shelves are nothing short of amazing and the process he creates them with combines great technical proficiency in woodworking with the patience and deliberation of an artist who combines chainsaws, grinders, carving tools and smoothing implements to create truly amazing forms.

Privacy Obfuscation at the WSJ

The WSJ updated their privacy policy, I read it and read it again and then one more time before admitting defeat… I have no idea what their privacy policy is now.

Why can’t companies express privacy policies in plain and simple language that says what they will do and what they won’t do? When it comes to contextual terms like “personally identifiable information” they should spell out what that is.

There’s a much better discussion of this privacy policy on Google+ in response to a post Dan Gillmor put up (which shows the potential for threaded conversations in G+ btw).