The Day We All Died A Little

It’s been 10 years since 9/11 and in that time I have done my best to avoid all of the documentaries and movies on the event.

I remember it as though it were yesterday, watching the events unfold in realtime and then learning that some of the employees of one of our portfolio companies were killed, people I had met but did not know that well. It was several years later that it occurred to me how connected we all are and as a result the human toll in this attack reached far and wide.

I later visited the families and that experience was searing, plumbing depths of human sadness that I only knew existed through through my own family’s loss when our oldest son died a month after 9/11. I would say that was the worst month of my life but it turned out to just be the beginning of the worst period of my life, losing a child, a spouse, or a parent is not just something that happens as an event… you live through it and then with it, and it never leaves you. Ever.

National Geographic has been running programming the last few weeks featuring an extensive look at the day and I decided the time was right to go back to it. It was wrenching having all those memories and feelings come back up after all this time and what I have a hard time accepting is how much it has changed the world we know… and I’m not just talking about some additional hassles at the airport.

People always talk about closure but with something like this I don’t think we’ll ever really have it. How can there be closure even with a new skyscraper and defeated terrorists given how our worldview has forever been altered?

PS- I’ve turned off comments on this post because I didn’t write it to for comments and the last time I wrote something that referenced 9/11 a few of the comments delved into the conspiracy theories and I just don’t have the tolerance or energy to deal with that.

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