Breakin’ All The Rules

I received an email from someone Group SPR alerting me to some graphics that were created at Disrupt and sponsored by, apparently, GE. The email declared that I was “allowed” to republish this story if I include the link back to the site.

The graphics are the story, there is no text, and each graphic includes GE’s logo and the artist who created the panel, along with their Twitter handle. I have a problem being told what I am allowed to do when the PR flack is the one sending me unsolicited email, just like I have a problem with PR people sending me embargoed stories unsolicited. In the words of Rambo, “you asked me I didn’t ask you”.

Here’s one of the graphic, I’m not linking back to the site and if SPR or GE wants me to take this down then I will… after they send me a takedown notice.

PS- I’m not even sure what the graphics are trying to communicate or why anyone who wasn’t there (e.g. yours truly) would even care.