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Vendor Influencers, the New Category on the Block

Yep there is definitely a redefinition of what it means to be an “analyst”. Gone are the days when analysts did hardcore research against markets and used that data to both define and predict the market direction, today an analyst is someone who has influence. I don’t think this is good or bad, it is a reflection of a diffuse online media and the increasingly complexity and dynamism of software delivered as service. Paul’s post is both thoughtful and insightful.

The Most Important Page on Flickr

A fascinating dissection of Flickr’s user experience by a designer… at Flickr. It is candid and honest, I admire her for posting it but wonder if the reference to Flickr as “they” instead of “we” is a subconscious statement.

Customer Service Through Twitter – Sustainable?

Yes and no… to call any interaction of company and customer through Twitter “customer service” is a great dialing back of what it means to provide customer service. Twitter is very useful as a communication channel and ultimately as a funnel that feeds your customer support work process… it is apparent that Twitter is the first place people go to complain these days. If you are a customer service organization you need to have a Twitter listening channel but insofar as engagement your best best is to get people out of Twitter as quickly as possible when they are engaging with you.

Understand More About Social CRM

Neville Hobson reflects on the Social CRM 2011 event held in London.

Evernote: The Salesforce Admin and Developer’s Other Brain

A great expose on the ever increasing ways that people are using the popular Evernote application. It really impresses me how this notetaking app has expanded into a center stage position for people’s work routines.

The Age of Social Sharing Has Reached it’s End

This deserves a dedicated post and I violently disagree with the thesis being presented but I do agree, with equal enthusiasm, that the age of blunt force sharing is not productive.

When Did Everyone Decide To Pay Themselves Last

This is a profound observation about the value of content to a company – a brand – and how increasingly media-like interactions through the management of earned and sponsored media before the owned channel is suboptimal. There’s a lot going on in this post, if you are like me you will have to read it a couple of times and just let it sit for a while.