3 Tech Products I’m Really Happy With

Here are 3 products I use everyday that I am exceptionally happy with:

1) My Evo mobile hotspot… yeah the Evo is a great handset and if the batter life were better it would rise to the level of amazing but for me the mobile hotspot feature that Sprint enables through this device is the clear slamdunk winner. I use it multiple times a day and the availability of having a data connection pretty much wherever I am has redefined how I look at data connections in general.

2) Logitech H760 wireless headset. I bought this to use with Skype although I find myself using routing calls to Google Voice (using the Voice Chrome extension to route outbound calls through Google Talk) now that I have discovered it works so well. In fact I even did a roundtable conference call a week ago using this, judge for yourself the sound quality. I use it with Pandora while I am sitting at my desk as well.

What makes this product a clear winner in it’s class?┬áThe sound quality is amazing, it’s hassle free wireless connectivity, integrated volume controls are easy to use, and the headset itself is super comfortable. The only thing that would make this better is if I could use it with my mobile phone, but the USB wireless connection that makes this so easy to setup precludes it from being used as a Bluetooth device.

3) 13″ MacBook Air (2nd generation). I initially had a lot of hesitance about replacing my trusty 15″ MacBook Pro with the new Air but I’m glad I did. The obvious immediate benefit is the light weight and small size of this laptop, and it’s really something that doesn’t wear off in appeal. For me it is the battery life that is the biggest game changer because if you dial down the screen brightness a few notches you can get battery life that gives you freedom to not have to worry about bringing your power supply and/or looking for the wall receptacle.

The instant on is pretty amazing but the more appreciated benefit of the solid state storage is that the machine in general seems to run a lot cooler than anything from Apple with a hard drive in it. I miss the extra storage that the bigger MacBooks deliver but with more and more options for storage in the cloud and a wireless hotspot wherever I am (see above) extra storage isn’t a primary concern.