Paul Krugman for Dummies

I’ll save you the trouble of reading Krugman’s latest missive, which is little more than a retread of the arguments that Democrats always fall back on when they lose:

1) Democrats aren’t fighters. Puhleeeeze… this is an administration that has for the last two years demonized the auto industry, pharma and healthcare companies, oil & gas, financial services, and individuals alike and resorted to referring to political opponents as “enemies”. The Democrats used every possible parliamentary tactics, threats and outright brides to get their wishlist of unpopular legislation pushed forward, that Krugman can say the failure of the administration was not fighting hard enough is laughable on its face.

2) Republicans are mean partisans. Listen, it’s called a 2 party system for  a reason… one party is in opposition to the other and a large group of voters, independents, swing between them based on the strengths of their arguments. The job of Republicans is not to fall in line with Democrats on legislation that is ideologically opposed by the members of the party, their job is to oppose it and then deliver on an alternate strategy.

3) It’s a messaging problem. Oh good Lord… this is a president that has done every possible communication venue except being a voice on a Simpson’s episode (and appearing on Fox News).  For a candidate who separated himself from the pack on his ability to communicate, it become farcical to suggest that the problem is now a failure to communicate. Krugman blames the messenger because he refuses to acknowledge that the problem is the message.