Stanford students detail how their PG&E smart meter was overcharging them, leading PG&E to admit fault in the matter. h/t @zolierdos

What’s happened to Silicon Valley, how access to capital and a screwed up immigration system are threatening the Valley’s future.

Don’t blame Proposition 13. The piece details why Prop 13 critics are using false arguments and redirection to avoid talking about the real problem facing California, public employee costs. What we are seeing happen in Greece right now, both with the insolvency and citizenry on the dole fighting against any cuts, is California on a national level. Greece can’t devalue their currency or print money, like California.

– While we are talking about public employee costs, this issue is also leading to a full financial implosion of Bay Area mass transit systems.

“For example, from 1997 to 2008, the total cost of running the Bay Area’s bus, train and ferry systems climbed 52 percent over inflation.”

– While we are talking about mass transit, an audit was released last week on the CA high speed rail project that blasted the plan for having a bogus business plan with made up numbers, and no reasonable plan for how they were going to raise the $42 billion they need to build it (I guaran-fucking-tee you that this will be a $60-70 billion project when the final bill comes in). The level of political cynicism by proponents of this high speed pipe dream stinks, they know that once you get billions of dollars into a project like this there is simply no political will to pull the plug so it will keep getting funded even when overwhelmingly obvious that it’s a loser.

– The Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 2010 was unveiled… we’re inching closer to the Pelosi GTxi SS/RT