Women in Tech: Susan Scrupski

My friend, and I use that term in its true confidant sense, Susan Scrupski was recognized by Fast Company magazine for being one of the most influential women in technology. I am very proud of her for this recognition but more so for all the hard work she had devoted herself to which this list recognizes.

To help ease that transition in big corporations, Scrupski founded the 2.0 Adoption Council last June at the Enterprise 2.0 conference (of which she also sits on the board). The council gives up to two seats per company to enterprise 2.0 evangelists who work for companies with more than 10,000 employees and are actively involved in a 2.0 adoption effort, then offers advice and leadership on how to make the switch. “It’s about winning the hearts and minds about the corporate workforce,” Scrupski says. “There’s a lot of discussion about change management and the philosophy of working in a 2.0 way.” The council is nearing its first birthday and already has more than 170 members, including giants like Disney, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, and Nokia. –Zachary Wilson

[From Susan Scrupski, founder and CEO of the 2.0 Adoption Council | Fast Company]

If you know Susan you know she is relentless and hard working even when pursuing her ideals causes her to assume great financial risk. In a word she is truly an entrepreneur… a builder of things rather than someone who profits from the doings of others.

Susan deserves this recognition from Fast Company even though she doesn’t do what she does for the purpose of being recognized for it.