Book Giveaway : Blogging to Drive Business

UPDATE: The books are all gone… but I am really proud to see that we collectively raised at least $150 for the Wounded Warrior project. Thanks for all the generosity, it’s a great cause that you should feel good about supporting.

I have 12 copies of a new book, in fact I don’t even think it’s available thru Amazon yet, Blogging to Drive Business. The name makes it pretty obvious what it’s about, so all I will add is that I read it and thought it was pretty good, very actionable stuff.

I used to do these as full freebies but that was when my shipping costs we an office expense, so rather than ask you to pay for shipping I have something else in mind, if you want a copy of this book email me at jnolan at gmail dot com and if I confirm back to you that you are in the first 12 then make a $5 (or whatever amount you want) donation to the Wounded Warriors Project and I’ll cover the shipping. No need to confirm your donation, we’ll do it on the honor system.