Artists I Like: William Hunter

I have often featured artists who work with wood, people who know me understand my appreciation for this. The ability to work in 3 dimensions with a material that can’t be stretched, smudged, or repaired easily is a skill that few people truly excel at and wood is a marvelous material that never ceases to amaze me with it’s figure, depth of color, translucence, and array of visible textures. Wood, along with snowflakes, is the original “no two are alike” material.

There is also something primordial about art that centers on the vessel form. The earliest human artifacts found to date are vessels, often featuring decorations of some form and I never grow weary of vessels, whether pottery, wood, or glass. Though the days of relying on them for function is long past, I can still admire these pieces for the effort required to create them.

William Hunter is a Palos Verdes based artist who is exceptional in skill, a resume stretching back 25 years featuring numerous gallery and museum exhibitions.


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