If SAP Built an Electric Car

You gotta admire people who have a sense of humor about what their company does:

  • You need to buy a minimum of 5 cars in licence
  • You need at least 1/2 year to adapt your street, garage and parking space to use your SAP ECar
  • But you can run it on bicycle tires, train tracks and hula hoop-rings
  • The door handles are on the underside of the car
  • The steering wheel makes 20 clicking sounds when you turn it, because all 4 tires – including the spare tire – send back multiple messages
  • You can see your whole driving record, but not the current street that you drive, because of missing authorizations
  • The repair contract was just incrased from 17% to 22% fee, though simple repairs take 2 weeks; but they are available 24/7
  • The driver’s seat has 250 switches and controls, but because of a bug that will be fixed with SP7 (release date still unknown), the back of the seat is stuck in complete forward position
  • The gauge is configurable in km/h, miles/h, steps per seconds, wing bats per millisecond and WARP
  • The exchange of the battery can only be done with external consultants, but they are already fully booked for the next 12 months. As workaround you receive a 10 miles long power cord
  • The engine is scaled for a Jumbo and has only two settings: Off and Full Throttle
  • The brakes react only after 7 seconds because of authorization checks
  • But you can scale passengers indefinitely by clustering multiple cars
  • The speed is displayed as ABAP-report
  • The manual comes as a Powerpoint slide deck

H/T to Jim Fisher at Gaspar Partners for sending me the link… he found it on Marc Benioff’s Facebook profile.