A123 Systems ($AONE) Revisited

In August of last year I wrote about A123 Systems and their planned IPO, it’s out of the gate today and what a ride as the IPO was oversubscribed with the market cap right now approaching $1.8 billion and showing little signs of slowing down.

Energy storage is the most potent sector in cleantech because it doesn’t require wholesale infrastructure development and beyond transportation has a very broad range of applications that are currently not served by any existing technology, like storage for home and commercial solar installations.

I’ve been writing about the energy storage sector for over a year. I believe energy storage will be a fundamental enabling technology for cleantech, the sixth industrial revolution and a major investment theme for the next 20 to 30 years. I’ve written about an emerging consensus that sales in the energy storage sector will grow from $30 billion to well over $100 billion by 2020. I’ve also written about a variety of technologies and companies that will benefit from explosive growth in the sector.

– John Peterson, AltEnergy Stocks

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