Technorati Changed Their Business and Few Noticed

Technorati is getting some heat for hiring bloggers… getting heat from people who wish the company would just do better the thing that they used to do which proved to not be a business worth having. See the logic?

So what is Technorati planning? Another Google Knol or Mahalo? Whatever their plans are its a risky strategy to compete with the same blogs you are tracking. I would have also appreciated it if Technorati would have focused on improving their current services first.

[From Technorati now hiring bloggers (and biting the hand that feeds them?)]

It’s easy to have missed what Technorati has been up to but CEO Richard Jalichandra has done an impressive job building a vertical content network and advertising network. In the process he has extricated himself from being in the competitive crosshairs of Google doing something that Google is very very good at (search) and putting the company on a path to compete with companies that they have a better standing against, like Glam.

It’s fair game to criticize a company for executing their core business poorly but it’s unfair to criticize them for changing what their core business is all about when the evidence is overwhelming that the old one would have driven them out of existence.