Better password inputs, iPhone style. Please, please, please, let’s stop pretending that password masks do anything to improve security. They don’t, we know it, and yet we continue to blindly adhere to a user experience that is overwhelmingly negative for people.

How the AP fails to get search and SEO (again). Danny takes apart the AP for their lame attempts at being relevant online, pointing out that they really have no one to blame but themselves.

Danny also wrote a really kick ass post on who the real time search players are and how they are different.

The time has come to regulate SEO and search engine marketing. Basically this is a call to regulate Google and it’s not without merit, although I am generally a fan of limited regulation under the belief that it basically doesn’t work and ultimately only serves to increase the cost of doing business. In this case it is clear that Google, which has an undisputed leadership position in search, requires more competition but also must be restrained in the way they interact with their customers. While government regulation will likely have minimal real impact, the threat of it and a groundswell of support for it will most certainly have an impact on Google.

Breaking News Online… how a 19 year old is shaking up what it means to be in the news business.

The unemployment data paints a far gloomier picture of the economy than the Obama administration is admitting publicly.

This 1,500 frame per second video from a Formula One race is frickin mind blowing.

Connecting Google Reader shared items to Twitter.

Clay Shirky on shared public spaces and a next generation patronage model for journalism. If you are interested in online media this is a must read.

Life in Taxopolis, how Mayor Bloomberg’s “luxury product” became unaffordable.

How California’s budget fiasco is being complicated by confusion over what the budget numbers actually are… when the people that are supposed to know how much money is coming and going can’t even figure it out, maybe we have a bigger problem than a big deficit.

and closely related, how the tech boom terminated California’s economy.

Businesses can learn a thing or two from Walmart about how they promote their availability on twitter.

Great blog post on how nonprofits can take advantage of twitter and by “nonprofits” I mean the intentional kind and not the startup variety.

FastPencil, an interesting new self-publishing service for writing and producing books.

50 “noise free” Twitter tips and links in marketing, SEO, design, and writing. Quite a good list.

Learning the art of listening… something we can all improve ourselves on.