It’s hard to not get caught up in the drama unfolding in Iran, especially given the prominent role that technology is playing in these events… technology from right here in Palo Alto. Unfortunately, a smattering of revolt around the mantra of reform does not equal freedom and Iran will not be free until the people cast off the yoke that the theocracy ruling class has burdened them with.

Mousavi, the candidate that the world is rallying around, campaigned on reform but he is hardly a liberal reformer himself. When Mousavi, and the other candidates, talk about reform they are primarily referencing the economy, which like Venezuela under Chavez has been decimated under Ahmadjinedad’s reign. Iran under Mousavi would still feature a theocracy calling the shots and imposing their will on the population, a Stalinist state all in the name of God.

Nonetheless, it is reassuring that masses can unite when the offense is so great and speech can trump repression. At every turn the Iranian authorities have been frustrated in their attempts to control the flow of information, a fact that will continue in the days ahead. Imagine where China would be today if Tiananmen Square protesters had cell phone video and Twitter on their side…

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