Climate Change Reconsidered

I try not to post anything on climate change because I’m not qualified (like most people) to debate the scientific issues but also because I don’t relish getting shouted at by frantic commenters. This recently published book on the subject is fascinating and all 880 pages are available as a free download.

The scholarship in this book demonstrates overwhelming scientific support for the position that the warming of the twentieth century was moderate and not unprecedented, that its impact on human health and wildlife was positive, and that carbon dioxide probably is not the driving factor behind climate change.

The authors cite thousands of peer-reviewed research papers and books that were ignored by the IPCC, plus additional scientific research that became available after the IPCC’s self-imposed deadline of May 2006.

[From Welcome to the Web Site of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change]

Whatever side of the issue you are on, a reasoned debate dominated by facts rather than hyperbole and speculation should be viewed as a welcome development.