Kindle 2 Far

When the Kindle achieves the size of a netbook computer at the same price point but does just one thing… a legitimate question to ask is “what’s the point?”.

The device, called the Kindle DX (for Deluxe), has a screen that is two and a half times the size of the screens on the two older versions of the Kindle, which were primarily aimed at displaying books. The price tag is also larger: the DX will sell for $489, or $130 more than the previous model, the Kindle 2, and will go on sale this summer.

[From Amazon Introduces Big-Screen Kindle –]

The Kindle 2 is brilliant, my wife is a true addict, but making it bigger is not an improvement. What would make the Kindle 2 better?

1) color screen

2) ability to handle video

3) a workaround for the DRM so you can share content

4) an improved battery technology so that color and video processing doesn’t result in a 2 hour device.