Kindle 2 Far

When the Kindle achieves the size of a netbook computer at the same price point but does just one thing… a legitimate question to ask is “what’s the point?”.

The device, called the Kindle DX (for Deluxe), has a screen that is two and a half times the size of the screens on the two older versions of the Kindle, which were primarily aimed at displaying books. The price tag is also larger: the DX will sell for $489, or $130 more than the previous model, the Kindle 2, and will go on sale this summer.

[From Amazon Introduces Big-Screen Kindle –]

The Kindle 2 is brilliant, my wife is a true addict, but making it bigger is not an improvement. What would make the Kindle 2 better?

1) color screen

2) ability to handle video

3) a workaround for the DRM so you can share content

4) an improved battery technology so that color and video processing doesn’t result in a 2 hour device.

Government Efficiency in Action

Redwood City put out a press release touting their efforts to pare down a budget deficit through greater efficiencies in government services.

Redwood City, CA – April 24 , 2009 – As the economic downturn continues to take an increasingly severe toll on local government revenues, Redwood City workers are pulling together to reduce costs in order to maintain crucial City services for the community. Through a combination of programmatic reductions, salary freezes, and use of reserves, the entire City organization is working diligently toward a workable solution to the ongoing structural deficit.

[From Redwood City | Council Gives Budget Direction]

None of this explains why 4 men in 3 separate trucks were necessary to weed and trim this small patch of median strip I saw this morning. It is this kind of action not matching rhetoric that drives average citizens crazy with frustration toward government, big government and small government, because civil servants and elected officials are always talking about grand gestures rather than examining every action, no matter how small. This is perfect example that encapsulates why the public does not trust government to use taxpayer monies efficiently.

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