Is it Live or Is it Memorex?

This is a really interesting discussion about the role that Photoshop now plays in high end photography. After reading this posting and seeing the stark differences between the pre/post Photoshop’ed images, all I can say is that my respect for the great photography of the pre-Photoshop years has gone up substantially. I don’t know where I stand on the question of how much Photoshop is too much Photoshop but it’s an issue that we will surely be asking with some frequency as the creative converges with the digital.

“Photos submitted to Picture of The Year must be a truthful representation of whatever happened in front of the camera during exposure. You may post-process the images electronically in accordance with good practice. That is cropping, burning, dodging, converting to black and white as well as normal exposure and color correction, which preserves the image’s original expression. The Judges and exhibition committee reserve the right to see the original raw image files, raw tape, negatives and/or slides. In cases of doubt, the photographer can be pulled out of competition”, the rules now states.

[From Pressefotografforbundet: Too much Photoshop? Judge for yourself]