Sufi Coffee, Customers Not Tolerated

I was just thinking today that I have been getting some really fantastic service from local businesses lately. Crouching Tiger has some of the best Chinese food anywhere and they are super nice people, West Coast Glass really went out of their way to get 2 pieces of glass for my house, were very friendly, and gave me a really good price, the guys at the parts dept at Peninsula HD have been really helpful finding parts that will work on my Indian, and the list goes on. There are some dimwits for sure but for the most part I am finding that local retail businesses are doubling down on service as the economy gets tighter and it’s important to recognize good behavior instead of just the bad.

However, today I ran across a post about Sufi Coffee in Mountain View… read the whole post, it’s quite funny. The Yelp reviews are entertaining as well but I don’t know how much stock to put in Yelp reviews.

But the attitude. Wow, the attitude. The place is covered from wall-to-wall with angry signs admonishing the customers for various sorts of misbehavior. I took a photo of the first one, and the owner turned around, sternly instructed me “no photos!,” and then demanded, as an implicit condition of selling me any coffee, that I delete the one I had taken.

[From Uncommon Priors » Diary of a visit to a coffeehouse run by a madman.]