Time offering ‘customized’ experimental magazine

I signed up for this and I still don’t get it. It’s more like bundling than customization, you pick 5 titles (and no fewer than 5) and they combine them together and send them to you or email a link to see the content online. Here’s the part I don’t get, it’s still a weekly (or in this case bi-weekly) publication, why not make the content available as it becomes available? It would be like a personalized streaming magazine with personalized content.

US news weekly Time, which like other publications has been looking for ways to reinvent itself in print and on the Web, is allowing readers to put together their own personalized magazine.

The experiment, called “Mine,” allows readers to create a print or Web version of a magazine with content drawn from titles owned by Time and its partner in the venture, American Express Publishing.

[From Time offering ‘customized’ experimental magazine]