Gmail 5 Second Delay

Google’s Gmail team really needs to get a handle on this whole naming thing, as in not naming a new feature something that it really doesn’t do. Zoli sums it up nicely.

First of all, I love Gmail, it’s my one-and-only email system. And I’m certainly glad to see the ever accelerating rate of enhancements, whether “official” or just the Labs variety. But oh, please, can we have some control here and call features what they really are?

[From Gmail’s Undo Send Isn’t Really Undo, Just Like Multiple Inboxes Were Not Really Multiple Inboxes | Zoli’s Blog]

I was so massively disappointed that the much heralded multiple inbox extension actually doesn’t present multiple inboxes but rather multiple panes each with the same inbox content that is tagged with a different label.

Similarly, undo send doesn’t recall a sent message but rather inserts a 5 second delay between the “send” button and actually sending a message so it’s not undoing a send, it’s delaying the send. They would have been more accurate to just call it the “5 second delay” extension.