France Bails Out Their Newspaper Industry

whatdayathink? Personally, I think the notion of giving teenagers free newspaper subscriptions to stimulate the newspaper industry is something that could only be invented in French bureaucracy.

France will offer all 18-year-olds a free daily copy of the newspaper of their choice, President Nicolas Sarkozy said Friday, announcing a package of measures to help the beleaguered press.

[From France to give free newspaper subscriptions to teens]

Streaming video cannibalizing DVD rentals

I can sum up my comments with one word: duh.

Netflix says that DVD rentals are down for subscribers who make use of the company’s online streaming service. Though it doesn’t hurt Netflix’s bottom line, the trend certainly spells bad news for physical media, including Blu-ray.

[From Streaming video cannibalizing DVD rentals, says Netflix – Ars Technica]

Newspapers Grow Web Traffic, Still Going Bankrupt

Nielsen reports that newspaper web traffic grew 16% in December. Great news, but it doesn’t matter what their traffic is, the underlying advertising model is broken and it won’t heal itself.


I wrote about this phenomena back in June last year and NOTHING has changed. More web traffic won’t close the revenue gap to offline and it certainly won’t be enough to sustain newspapers across the country. More significantly, if you look at the traffic spread in just the top 10 on Nielsen’s list, you start to get a picture for how difficult it is for a non-major media market newspaper to grow traffic.

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