Breppies and Word of Mouth Marketing

A few weeks ago I received an email from the founder of a company that makes little earbud covers, call Breppies. While it is not uncommon to get emails about products and companies, this one stood out for two reasons.

First and foremost, the email from Dean Romero was thoughtful and reflected that fact that the guy actually reads what I write. He laid out his dilemma for marketing his product, which is that not having a substantial advertising budget how does one get started with word of mouth marketing. It’s not just about the theory behind word of mouth marketing but rather the tactical 1-2-3 steps for getting the ball rolling.

This is a tough question to answer because like a lot of things in business the theory is relatively straightforward while the actual execution is frustratingly difficult. I mean if Gladwell’s Tipping Point were really that obvious then everyone would be doing it and doing it successfully but the fact remains that they are not.

The second reason his email stood out is that just that day I became really frustrated with my iphone earbuds. I’m not a bluetooth headset guy, I simply don’t like them and outside of my integrated bluetooth in the car I don’t use it. I do, however, like the plain ‘ol ipod headphones which aside from a nasty habit of tangling up work really well. One big problem, once the small rubber gasket around the perimeter of the earbud wears off they simply won’t stay in your ear and Apple wants $29 for a replacement set, which I think is robbery. My interest in Breppies was growing.

200901152234.jpg Dean sent me a couple of pairs and I gave one set to my wife and took the other for myself. In a sentence, these things work. A little challenging to get on but once they are installed your old headphones feel better than new.

These are a great product with a classic dilemma, how to build channel support and market awareness. I’m doing my part by writing an endorsement of this product, if you email me I’ll give you his email address to follow up with him directly. You can also click on this link to get a free product sample.