When Things Said Enough Become Facts

For the last week i have been hearing the talking heads on various news channels referring to Gaza as “the most densely populated place on earth” and each time I say to myself “that simply can’t be true”.

It’s not.

Gaza is 139 square miles of real estate that has a population of 1.5 million.

Manhattan is 34 square miles of real estate that has a population of 1.6 million.

According to wikipedia the most densely populated country on earth is Monaco… but fact is not likely to bring about much sympathy for the plight of the Monacans. Even Singapore is more densely populated than Gaza.

If I, from the comfort of my sofa while watching NCIS, can look up this little tidbit, why can’t the professional journalists get it right? More to the point, why can’t professional journalists say “that simply can’t be true” while they sit in their Midtown Manhattan offices in what any rational person would recognize as true density.

RIP Jacques Littlefield

Sad, very sad. I actually met Littlefield once, and it is no overstatement to say that he was one of the most unassuming people you could ever meet… certainly not the kind of guy you would imagine owning 200 tanks, artillery pieces, and other heavy mechanized military equipment. Always accessible to the press and anyone just interested in tanks, Littlefield embodied the very meaning of passion and dedication of purpose.

Jacques Littlefield, an unassuming multimillionaire who amassed the country’s largest private collection of tanks and other military armored vehicles, died Wednesday at his Portola Valley ranch. He was 59.

[From Jacques Littlefield, tank collector, dies]

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LA Times 50% Price Increase

They are still losing money but plan to make it up on volume, err I mean still losing money but lose less of it… losing money but lose less on lower sales… okay, I give up.

The street sale price of the Los Angeles Times went up to 75 cents (from 50) all over town today, judging by my email.

[From LA Observed: LAT now 50% more]

This is reminiscent of the Boston Globe’s plan to make the paper more appealing and cut costs by making the newspaper 24 pages smaller. Wonder how that is working out for them?

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