Red Lights Cameras, Still a Bad Idea

Denver and Redflex are in cahoots on the red light camera system installed last summer, it’s good for revenue but good for reducing red light violations? Dunno, they simply don’t track the data to provide a statistical basis for demonstrating a public safety improvement.

The most egregious violation of the public trust is when these cities decrease the yellow light timing, which is proven to do two things, increase traffic citation revenue and increase accident rates.

Denver has failed to enforce its red-light camera contract, collecting the $75 fines but not collecting the data necessary to determine whether the program actually is reducing red-light running.

The contractor, Redflex Traffic Systems of Scottsdale, Ariz., hasn’t submitted a single page of the mountains of data the contract requires since the cameras went live last summer, including statistics that would disclose whether it must reimburse money to Denver for system failures.

[From Do Denver red-light cameras deter violations? : Updates : The Rocky Mountain News]

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