Obama Asks to Delay Digital TV Transition

This is really amazing. If people can’t figure out what is going on with their television after the nonstop advertising, media coverage, and that ill-fated NASCAR sponsorship… what more could the FCC do? Do it and get it over with so that the bandwidth can be freed up for better uses. On one hand Obama wants to invest in broadband infrastructure but on the other he wants to delay the digital TV switchover that will free up more bandwidth for wireless broadband.

WASHINGTON — President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team Thursday asked key members of Congress to consider delaying the nation’s switch to digital television scheduled for Feb. 17, saying there is “insufficient support” for the problems consumers will experience during the shut-off of analog signals.

[From Obama team asks for delay in digital-tv switchover – San Jose Mercury News]


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NBC Drives the Chevy Volt

Good segment on the upcoming Chevy Volt. It’s shaping up to be a very solid offering from GM and even though it will be expensive compared to, for example, a Malibu (which shares many of the same styling cues) I am confident that they will see strong sales on this model. I am on the list to buy one even though I’d probably have to give it up in the ensuing divorce settlement if I were to buy another car without giving one up in the process. The one wildcard is the price of gas, which despite what Prius fan boys and clean tech geeks say, will impact consumer behavior toward these vehicles. December sales statistics from Toyota bear this out, not only did the 14 mpg Toyota Tundra see a 52% sales decline, but the mighty Prius drove off the sales cliff as well with sales plummeting 43% from November numbers.

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Twitter or Plaxo Having Issues?

I just received an email from a friend asking if I retweeted this. I didn’t.


Adding further mystery to the issue, this came through on my friend’s Plaxo stream and when I looked at my message traffic I didn’t see it.

At any rate, I went in to reset my password and whatdayaknow, an error.