The Glass Half Full CEO

Britain’s financial markets regulator undertakes an admirable amount of satisfaction surveying, the results of one such survey were released this week. All things considered, this is not the FSA’s finest hour.

Just one in 10 companies rated the FSA highly in terms of offering “value for money,” according to the survey, published today.

[From U.K. & Ireland]

Back in July, another survey revealed that firms found the FSA to be “granular” and “process oriented” instead of being concerned about outcomes of regulatory processes.

Adding insult to injury, a panel convened by Parliament recently found that the FSA had “systematically failed” in it’s oversight of Northern Rock, leading to the government takeover of that bank which even today ranks as one of the largest bank failures in history.

Despite overwhelming disapproval of the FSA from every corner, check out what the CEO had to say in response to the survey results:

“The Practitioner Panel survey is an important tool for the FSA to understand how regulated firms perceive and experience us, and I am particularly encouraged to see the findings show that firms are more satisfied when they have more contact with the FSA,”

Maybe we can recruit him to run one of the car companies Congress wants to take over.

Google Book Search Adds Magazines

Sometimes Google does something really cool that, it seems, no one else has the leverage to pull off, this is just one case. I absolutely love that fact that Google has been crossing the chasm that exists between print and online, even if lurching at times. Just because something was created pre-Internet does not mean we should not have access to it.

Today, we’re announcing an initiative to help bring more magazine archives and current magazines online, partnering with publishers to begin digitizing millions of articles from titles as diverse as New York Magazine, Popular Mechanics, and Ebony. Are you a baseball history fanatic? Try a search for [hank aaron pursuing babe ruth’s record] on Google Book Search. You’ll find a link to a 1973 Ebony article about Hank Aaron, written as he closed in on Babe Ruth’s original record for career home runs. You can read the article in full color and in its original context, just as you would in the printed magazine. Scroll back a few pages, for example, and you’ll find a two-page spread on 1973’s fall fashions. If you’d like to read further, you can click on “Browse all issues” to view issues from across the decades.

[From Official Google Blog: Search and find magazines on Google Book Search]