Academic Elites

All told, of Obama’s top 35 appointments so far, 22 have degrees from an Ivy League school, MIT, Stanford, the University of Chicago or one of the top British universities. For the other slots, the president-elect made do with graduates of Georgetown and the Universities of Michigan, Virginia and North Carolina.

[From For Many Picks, Obama Turns to Academic Elites –]

Yeah, a whole bunch of those Ivy League degrees were running things on Wall St., and that turned out really well.

More on the subject, despite claims from alumni from other schools, the only Ivy League schools are Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, Univ of Pennsylvania, and Yale. That is it, there are no other schools in this league, and it’s called a “league” because these geographically proximate schools formed a football conference in 1956. It is now a brand associated with the pinnacle of higher education, but before that it was a bunch of young men on a football field.

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