He Said What?

It’s hard to believe that ANYONE could make this suggestion without laughing loudly upon hearing the words come out:

Levy argues that the reason a temporary tax increase won’t worsen the economy is that the money continues to circulate in California. It will be spent in ways that benefit the economy; it will just be spent differently than consumers would have spent it.

“The tax increase does take money out of the hands of consumers and put it toward government programs that the governor himself says are very critical areas,” Levy said.

[From Analysis: Is Schwarzenegger wise to raise taxes in a bad economy? – San Jose Mercury News]

Apparently Levy believes that footing the bill for unlimited gas cards and car leases for state legislators benefits the economy and represents a critical program that requires additional taxes to continue funding.

Everyone in government talks about reducing wasteful spending but in reality it never happens and budgets grow without end. Reducing wasteful spending begins not with platitudes but with a detailed line by line review of what taxpayer money is being spent on. When taxpayers believe that their money is being spent appropriately, they will support new taxes when it is necessary.

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