Walker Fenton for OpenSocial Board

It’s election season and I want to draw your attention to my colleague Walker Fenton’s bid to join the OpenSocial foundation board of directors. In his own words here is why he wants your vote.

NewsGator was a launch partner in OpenSocial, and all of our widgets today support the OpenSocial specification. The reason why i’m interested in serving on the board is to better represent our Media clients as the technology matures… we are off to a good start, but adoption is limited from the development community as the users haven’t materialized. One way to get broader adoption is to help Media companies take advantage of the technology to better serve their audiences, which will drive usage and in turn encourage the development community to better support the spec. We at NewsGator are in a great position to help drive that effort, and a seat on the board of the OpenSocial Foundation will help us achieve these goals.

[From Hair On Fire: Speaking of Elections..]